I’ve heard a lot of speeches in BBYO. Election speeches, States and Midstates. I’ve read even more (since it’s quite common now for regional and even board officers to prepare their speeches on computer and Email or post them on web sites). Most are pretty good. Some are rather depressing (particularly the “I know I didn’t do anything all last year on regional board” variety), some are motivating, some are analytical, some just wishful thinking.
Earlier today I received a document from Boaz Avital, an outgoing regional board member from CRW that was, above all, true.
Now, I don’t know if you can tell from reading this site, but I’m a big fan of truth. I can’t say I always like the truth – it’s often unpleasant. But I respect the truth, and I believe that the best way to make progress is to see things for what they really are, not what people say they are, and not the way people wish they would be.
Boaz does this well, and I thank him for the opportunity to publish it here. I encourage you all to read it.
Download What Has AZA Done for You?