Beber’s Ghost
Let’s start with the obvious. Real ghosts don’t blog.
Nor do I claim to be a psychic mysteriously channeling the spirit of Sam Beber. I’m not even conceited enough to claim that the contents of this site reflect what Beber would say were he alive today, though I hope I am not too far off.
Think of this, if you will, as a persona I choose to wear. For while I cannot lay claim to the true spirt of Sam Beber, it seems I have as much claim to do so as any. I will not try to justify this claim. Whether I am worthy of it or not you can judge for yourself based on my writing. The justification I could provide would inevitably weaken the persona by making it too obvious who I am (which would not be hard to discover for anyone truly determined to do so).
I will, however, state the following.

  • I am an AZA advisor, and have been so for some time.
  • I am not a staff member or employee of BBYO Inc. What I write here is my opinion only, and does not in any way reflect the views of BBYO or anyone other than myself.

You can contact me at: .
I welcome your questions and comments, via Email or posted on the blog.
I also have a Facebook page, though rarely use it.

Editor’s note – Shane’s ghost and Brith’s ghost are not currently present, their previous hosts having graduated from the organization. Their identities are preserved here so you can identify who wrote which posts.

Brith’s Ghost
As Brith’s Ghost, I represent the roots of B’nai Brith and it’s branches. I use knowlege of the past to shine light on the future. When we forget our history, we forget our name. When we forget our name, we forget our meaning. When we forget our meaning, everything is lost. The future is up to you.
Shane’s Ghost
As made quite clear by my counterpart, I am not the true ghost of Charles Shane.
In the same manner that the Ghost of Sam Beber represents the adult leadership of BBYO, the ghost of Charles Shane (the first Grand Aleph Godol) represents the youth leadership of this organization. While Beber’s Ghost provides you with an adult’s perspective, Shane’s ghost will provide you a perspective from the eyes of the Aleph, since I myself have been an Aleph for 3 years now.
I too welcome your questions and comments, posted on the blog.